Want to earn As Much as £4140 commission for Simply making an introduction?


Find out how you can earn money when HMRC pay your contacts Corporation Tax back and protect them from the risks of GDPR law

What is CTR?

Corporation Tax Rebates is the UK's only Corporation Tax recovery service based on Data Risk and Compliance (GDPR).

We’ve already helped businesses reclaim over £10m of Corporation Tax in 2021 and increasing every week.

Businesses can claim back up to 70% of the Corporation Tax they have paid over the last 3 years – and HMRC typically refund this within 6-8 weeks.

This is a fully managed, legal, transparent process and is ABSOLUTELY NOT some “dodgy scheme". (watch the video)

We are a group of Data Privacy Lawyers and accounting professionals who have been advising government to Corporates on data privacy law and now helping SME’s to understand and identify the financial risk of GDPR non-compliance.

Through our Unique Non-Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire and our 30-page legal justification reports we can reopen your clients last 3 years accounts, apply a justified provision and the by-product is we help them claim up to 70% of their Corporation Tax Payments as a rebate.

Moving forward we can help them with GDPR compliance solutions

What’s more, we work on a "no win no fee" basis.

See the case studies section for examples of how we help businesses claim back on a regular basis.

What Is The Opportunity?

By becoming an introducer you have the potential to earn significant commissions by connecting us with businesses that can make a claim.

You will receive 3% for every successful claim that you refer. The lowest claim amount is £20,000 so your minimum payout is £600. However, most of the claims we are currently processing are significantly higher, with commissions of over £3,000 + per client claim not unusual.


Find out how you can help your clients and contacts identify the real financial risk of GDPR non compliance, earn money when HMRC pay your contacts Corporation Tax back and protect them from the risks of GDPR law moving forward

You Have Questions?

We created this webinar to explain how this works in more detail.

Watch this video to learn and understand why legal non-compliance re GDPR allows for your clients to reclaim up to 70% of the Corporation Tax they have paid out in the last 3 years due to GDPR and non-compliance.


Find out how you can earn money when HMRC pay your clients/contacts Corporation Tax back and protect them from the financial risks of GDPR law

Case Studies

A timber wholesaler trading for 16 years

Following the review and CTR process we were able to reclaim £138,890 over their previous tax years

Commission @ 3% £4166.70

An architectural practice trading for 6 years

Following the review and CTR process we were able to reclaim £66,305 over their previous tax years

Commission @ 3% £1989.15

A land and property developer trading for 4 years

Following the review and CTR process we were able to reclaim £84,360 over their previous tax years

Commission @ 3% £2530.80

A financial consulting business trading for 8 years

Following the review and CTR process we were able to reclaim £22,157 over their previous tax years

Commission @ 3% £664.71

An IFA practice trading for 7 years

Following the review and CTR process we were able to reclaim £26,570 over their previous tax years

Commission @ 3% £797.10

A food manufacturer trading for 12 years

Following the review and CTR process we were able to reclaim £67,570 over their previous tax years

Commission @ 3% £2027.10

Who Are We

The UK’s Only Corporation Tax Recovery Service

Based on Data Risk and Compliance

How You Earn Money With Us


Refer your contacts

They will be interested in receiving a tax rebate! We involve their accountants at enquiry stage


We process the claim

Leave all the hard work to our professionals


You get your money

Your commission will be in your account in 6 – 8 weeks

Up to 70% Back

Your Clients/Contacts Could Reclaim 70% of Their Corporation Tax Back

No Win, No Fee

We Only Deduct Our Fee From a Successful Claim

Pay outs in 6-8 Weeks

Claims are completed within just 6-8 weeks

How Does This Work?

It’s all based around a company’s GDPR risk.

Quite simply, and no matter where you or your clients/contacts stand as a business today in terms of Data Privacy, GDPR compliance and its 99 laws, having data is a commercial risk (even the smallest amount of data).

Even companies that have the highest levels of GDPR compliance will always be subject to a possible breach (it’s a known fact that companies face a breach probably every 2 years or so) and this cycle continues to shorten.

The value of the risk can now be identified by our Strategic Financial Risk Assessment and subsequent 30-page legal justification report supporting a provision in a company’s accounts which can be used to offset Corporation Tax not just moving forward but can be reclaimed for the last 3 years.

£10 Million reclaimed

in 2021

We follow a simple, fully supported and proven process for making a claim. We walk your client/contact through every step and submit the claim on their behalf. All they have to do is give us approximately 60 minutes to answer straightforward questions about their business data, be able to supply details of Corporation Tax paid and appoint us – we’ll take care of the rest. Your clients/contacts can expect to receive refunds into their bank within 6-8 weeks from submitting a claim under normal circumstances.

We involve your clients/contacts accountants at initial enquiry stage to give them insight into our process as we are data privacy lawyers, this is new to them. Together we can then advise on whether our process is appropriate for their client.

Commission @ 3% £300,000

What Our Clients Say

"During the process the team were efficient, clear and delivered against the process they had predicted - this made doing business very straightforward."

Dave Evans - www.rlc-global.com

"We can't thank CTR enough for their help and also ensuring that we received the maximum amount due to us, so ensuring that we can achieve /afford our company improvement goals."

Anthony Thompson - www.breathevss.co.uk

Meet Our Leadership Team

We’re a highly experienced team of legal and financial experts who passionately believe that small and medium sized businesses ought to be able to enjoy the same accountancy best practices as the major corporations.

Ian Sinclair-Ford

Legal Director

Ian qualified as a Solicitor in 1988 and spent a short time in private practice. He then moved to the Commercial Legal Team of Capital Bank plc, the asset finance arm of Bank of Scotland,

delivering the commercial legal services required by a £5billion a year asset finance provider. He is a leading authority in Europe on Data Privacy and GDPR specialist consultant to Grant Thornton

Kate Lonsdale

Finance Director

Kate is one of the founders of CTR and heads up the finance team. She brings 19 years’ commercial accountant knowledge

to CTR; ten of which have been running her own accountancy practice in the North West.

Pam Moore

R&D Director

Pam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as  an in-depth professional understanding across a broad range of commercial sectors at many levels, and has dealt with local  

authorities and corporates to SME across a number of decades


Is it hard to do?

No. It’s as hard as asking a business if they would like to claim their tax back, and what business is going to say no to that?

All you have to do is establish interest from a business owner/director and send us their contact details so we can speak to them and determine we can process the claim. The better you qualify the prospects, learn more about the process, the more commissions you will earn.

How much can I earn?

The minimum payout for a successful claim for an introducer level referrer is £600. However as most claims are significantly more, you have the potential to earn anything over £10,000 from just one deal. At the moment commissions of over £3,000 per deal are not uncommon.

Why haven't I heard of this?

Whilst GDPR fines are big news, this process is still fairly new. CTR uncovered the process when Ian Sinclair-Ford and Mike Woolnough – GDPR Lawyer and an Accountant – joined the dots between GDPR risk and making provision to mitigate risk and reclaim Corporation Tax paid. The discovery came about when a lawyer and an account did something they don’t normally do – talk to each other!

Is it legal?

It’s perfectly legal and a recognised process with HMRC who have been processing claims based on this provision since May 2020.

Ian Sinclair Ford, our Legal Director is special consultant to Grant Thornton on data privacy law and advises government and was part of the programme in writing the law, so he is the leading authority. Ian’s credentials speak for themselves if you google him.

Can anyone become an introducer?

Yes – but it would be beneficial if you have a network of eligible clients/contacts. As trusted advisors, Accountants and financial advisors are doing very well with this business. If you are good at lead generation or just have a wide network of friends in business, then you could still make a great additional income by helping your contacts – it’s a win-win.

Introducers are vetted and approved by ourselves so you can be assured that you are part of a network of professional people who act with integrity and conscience.

When will I get paid?

Claims take between 6 – 8 weeks to be processed by HMRC. HMRC pay us every Friday, so we make sure Introducers are paid the following Monday

Realistically, you are only 6 weeks away from a significant bonus.

Can I introduce this to other potential introducers in my network and still receive a commission?

Absolutely, we are gearing up for large expansion and the need to make this service available and known to all UK Businesses who are paying Corporation Tax. When you have an introducer agreement in place with us, any other introducers you refer and connect us to who become part of our introducer network, we will pay you an ongoing 1% commission override on all successful transactions that we complete on behalf of their clients.

What help will I get to find prospects?

If you haven’t already got a bank of eligible clients. We are building a bank of resources to help you, from email and phone scripts to personalised landing pages. You will get your own landing page and unique url that you will send to your clients/Network/prospects, and if they become clients from your link then you are guaranteed to get paid.

You don’t need to become an expert, you just introduce your contacts – however if you do, we’ll also be available if you need help or advice on the phone, or even if you need someone on calls with you to help explain the process and help get interested parties to make a claim. You can be as hands on – or hands off as you like

Will it cost me anything to become an introducer?

Absolutely not. You have the Network – We have the services


 Find out how you can earn money when HMRC repay your contacts Corporation Tax payments & protect them from the risks of GDPR law

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